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Trinity Home Loans is a trusted and top-rated mortgage lender headquartered in Colorado Springs.  We’re on a mission to simplifying the home loan process for both borrowers and housing professionals alike. Whether you’re a borrower, a builder, a Veteran, or a realtor, we’re here to help. Contact us today to speak with a lender, or fill out our quick and easy form to request a call-back! 

Home Loans & Refinancing

Get flexible home loans with favorable terms. Trinity Home Loans makes it easy to get approved for a great loan, even if you don’t have at least a 620 credit score!

VA Home Loans

If you’re a Veteran, then you may be entitled to a VA home loan with no minimum credit score and no money down!

Help for Home Builders

Are you a builder? Were your clients turned down by your preferred lender? Send them to us! We’ll help them secure a loan so they can finally afford their dream homes!

Preferred Lending for Realtors

Trinity Home Loans offers specialized support for our local realtors. We’ll accept your turn-downs and boost your bottom line by up to 30%!

About Us

Trusted Loan Specialists for Every Kind of Borrower

Securing a home loan can be stressful. But we’re here to make it easier. Trinity Home Loans is a trusted Equal Housing Lender. We offer specialized home loan help to new-home-buyers, Veterans, builders, and realtors. Our home loan specialists have decades of experience in the mortgage industry, and they’ll work closely with you to secure the best solution for your wants and needs. No need to stress about the home loan process. We’ll work hard to ensure a hassle-free loan approval process!

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or are looking to partner with a new preferred lender, Trinity Home Loans is here for you. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert lenders!

Decades of Experience
Trusted Local Experts
Changing the Way People See Home Loans

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

“I don’t have a 620 credit score, so I can’t get a home loan.”

Trinity Home Loans has bad credit-friendly options. You may qualify for a loan with no minimum credit score requirement!

“I wouldn’t be able to afford the down payment.”

You may not have to worry about a down payment at all! When you choose Trinity Home Loans, you could secure a great home loan with no money down. Find out if you qualify today!

“I can’t afford a home loan.”

We’re willing to work with your budget! You may qualify for a loan that meets your needs while still respecting your budget.

“I applied for a mortgage but never heard back. I can’t get a good home loan!”

Not hearing back from a lender is more common than you’d think. But it won’t happen here at Trinity Home Loans! We’ll work closely with you or your clients, and we’ll help your clients get a great home loan!

Our Loans

Get Pre-Qualified for a Great Home Loan Today

Buyers, builders, Veterans, and realtors all agree that Trinity Home Loans is the go-to place for personalized home loan solutions! All of our loans are designed with your unique needs in-mind.

Here at Trinity Home Loans, we’re all about second chances. If you or your clients have ever been turned down by other lenders, then let us provide the “yes” that you weren’t expecting!

Tight budget? We offer affordable options that you may qualify for! Bad credit score? We have bad credit-friendly options available! Worried about the down payment? You may be able to get a great loan with no money down! No matter your financial situation, we’re here to help. Trinity Home Loans is making homeownership more accessible and affordable than it ever has been.

Get pre-qualified for a home loan today!